Embroidery Designing

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Embroidery Designing

Machine Embroidery Designing

Embroidery Designing

Embroidery Designing is one of the most beautiful cultural heritages of nearly all of the nations which possess their own identity in this art work. Embroidery enhances the worth and beauty of the cloth plus it also acts to increase the glory and charm of the one who wear such embroidered clothing. If a person embroider his/her clothes then it further makes out of the ordinary appearance.

You simply just need a paper, ruler, rubber and a pencil or marker for making the sketch of your Embroidery Designing patterns. There are certain instructions which you need to follow. By following the basic gold marks, you can be a champ in embroidery as well as in Embroidery Designing and patterns.

  • 1st of all you need to think about a basic design which is then sketched by means of the items which you have arranged in the beginning.
  • Embroidery design is then transferred on a graph paper for your convenience. The outline and edge of the design are drawn leaving behind all the coloring and other shading of the design. Just make a basic sketch. Two prints of the design are made.
  • Select any one of the print and sketch all the necessary stitching which you would like to do on your outfit. By the help of different type of colours, show the variety of stitches.
  • Graph paper is used again for making one additional print of the design and the coloring is imprinted on it. Choose only those colors which are similar enough to the actual color of the thread and fabric.
  • During the embroidery process, all the three prints will be used as a reference or the standard guide.
  • Now take your fabric and start sketching the design by keeping the printed sheets over the fabric. You may turn it for your convenience as you need it. You may also stick it on the fabric and clamp it on some illuminated source may be a window for the purpose of tracing out the design. In this way, you will get an exactly same design on the cloth which you at first drawn on the paper.
  • Now the final step is reached i.e. you just need to embroider the design and enjoy every bit of it by wearing it.

Certain cautions are also there that should be followed. Some are given here for e.g. if in case graph paper is not available. Then don’t move on without it. You may create your graph paper by drawing 1 inch squares on a blank paper sheet by the help of ruler and pencil. Now you have your own created graph paper. If you are not a beginner and you are sure enough about your perfection then you may directly sketch your embroidery design on the clothing. One instruction which I would like to give is that you should go for originality. Stop copying others design. Go for your own imaged new fresh Embroidery Designing and patterns.