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Embroidered Shirts

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Embroidered ShirtsFashion in the 1980s was characterized by excesses and grand scale styles. The rule to Embroidered Shirts especially on the social and musical scene was that of non moderation because the skimpy and the weighed down or the held back fashion are for other decades. The look of the 1980s is characterized by more color, more volume and more abundance in dressing, it doesnt take into consideration a classy look one just needs to do a mix and match and put on big accessories to create the look. Men have not been left behind to this rule and an individual who wishes to have the look they can start by showing off in the 80s clothes for men.

The disco era fashion of the 1970s was replaced by influential pop stars looks, hip hop culture and new hair styles in the 1980s. Most men wore designer jackets that had shoulder pads, underneath them they wore t-shirts and others wore embroidered shirts. Others liked to wear suits that had bright colors like white, and pastel. Loafers or boat shoes without socks was another trend and this trend has been adopted by many men these days. They often wore open jackets and pushed up sleeves, wearing a shirt without a tie in the office was common. The 80s clothes for average men were mostly influenced from the musical scene and many of them copied styles from icons such as Michael Jackson, heavy metal bands clothing, androgynous styles, hip hop looks and MC Hammer. The clothing ranged from studded jackets and oversized tops, leather bomber jackets, t-shirts, embroidered shirts, spandex pants and torn jeans with a bandana and studded boots. Others were women blouses and high heeled boots, designer sneakers, parachute pants that are big and baggy.

The conservative styles are adored by men of all walks of life and ages. The 80s clothes for men that characterized this preppy look were items like sweater vests, argyle sweaters, polo shirts with turned up collars, button down oxford shirts, embroidered shirts, peg- legged jeans, cuffed khakis and loafers or bright white sneakers. Clothing that displayed brand logos in pastel shades were also popular in the 80s popular brands was dressy casual fashions for Izod, Gap popular for hoodies, jeans and sweatshirts. Sunglasses were very popular and men wore them day and night and some men could be seen wearing only one earring. The 1980s brought along immense fashion unlike any other decade some of which has been adopted by the current generation. Men dressed up in styles that showed their individuality and their creativity.