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Embroidered Clothing

Collage Embroidered Clothing

College Embroidered ClothingA school uniform is a set of standardized clothing that is worn in educational institutions. Uniforms are mainly worn by primary and secondary school or colleges going students in various countries. In other countries it is not a must that the children should wear uniforms but in others the school heads make it a requirement that a standard outfit should be worn. The dress code usually consists of clothing like a tie, long sleeved or short sleeved shirts, a pair of shorts or a pair of long trousers for boys, skirts or dresses or tunics for girls, a pair of knee high socks, closed shoes, and sweaters or blazers. School children wear uniforms so that they can maintain some identity. Most of these school uniforms have badges or some form of design embroidered on them to make them unique. Most schools have discovered that embroidered clothing is a nice way to make their students unique.

Uniforms are worn to make the students of a certain school look the same. They are a way of covering the differences in clothing because in any given school you will find children who come from rich and poor families so if they are left to wear civilian clothes the poor children are likely to feel intimidated. State schools and those ones in rich neighborhoods do not require that children wear uniforms; they wear their normal clothing to schools. A good example is catholic schools; almost all private catholic schools have compulsory policies on school uniforms. Appearance is strictly enforced in these schools and you will find that they are even designed using the same design. Several schools have taken to embroidered clothing for example embroidered sweaters.

A school can have two types of standard uniform one for the routine class attendance and the other one worn during physical education. The physical education outfit usually consists of flexible items like t-shirts, shorts or track suits and sport shoes. Whenever the children are carrying out their gaming activities they are supposed to wear them and this is especially important when they are outside the school compound so that their teachers can easily recognize them. In some schools it is common to find different level of students wearing different uniforms; you will find the new students with different uniforms, continuing students with different uniforms and senior students with a different type. The distinctiveness is achieved by different color of ties, socks or different color of blazers.

The type of uniforms vary depending on where the school is located, on which part of the continent and the administration of the schools and so the pupils are supposed to dress in a certain manner according their rules. Schools located in hot and warm places allow their children to dress in light clothing and even wear sandals because of the heat. It is appropriate that the schools in the cold regions to dress warmly with scarves, knee high socks and gloves in addition to the uniforms. Embroidered clothing is also ideal for schools in such areas. Schools governed by religious institutions are strict about how the students dress, Christians for instance requires that girls wear dresses and skirts while boys can put on shorts or trouser, Islamic institutions require that girls cover themselves well and schools that are located in urban and modern places are not very strict about how the school uniform should be.