Dragonball Goku Free Embroidery Design

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Dragonball Goku Free Embroidery Design

Dragonball Goku Embroidery Design

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SKU: E-10412

(4×4 Hoop) Size: H: 3.76 inches W: 1.31 inches | Stitches: 9311

Colors: 8 | Fune / Sand 1066 | Royal Blue 1934 | Orange 1172 | Maroon 1281 | Golden 1064 | Red 1146 | Super White 1001 | Emerald Black 1000


When one thinks of shounen and anime in general, one name that pops into mind immediately is DragonBall. It is the anime/manga that made shounen demographic the juggernaut and influences it has become today. This Dragonball Goku embroidery design of the main character within the series, show him in his original avatar which we all love and adore.

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