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Digitizing Logo

Wear Your Identity with Digitizing Logo

Digitizing LogoA logo is the identity of any business. It is what brands, define and differentiates a business from the other businesses. the logo is not just for that though, some businesses have taken the logo itself as being a pop culture mainstay such as the apple logo is artistic but is and always will remind one of the apple company. so wear your identity with Digitizing Logo.

How does it relate to the embroidery digitizing? Well most businesses at conventions or sometimes as part of the uniform, prefer for their employees to wear their company’s identity on their vestment, for this they wear logo embroidered apparel. However, hand embroidering each shirt is a seemingly endless task. To make this all automated, a lot easier to do, with the most limited set of resources used, digitized logos come into play.

Embroidery digitizing, as always, has been about converting any image into a machine embroidery file which embroidery machine can read and embroider onto the garment on its own. Logo digitizing is the same concept; it is about having company’s identity, its logo being worked on by digitizers and turned into a machine embroidery design which the business can use whenever they want to embroider their logos on any garment they want. For conventions, a special day at work, uniforms, souvenir among other things, logo digitizing has been consistently the most common form of digitizing.

Like other forms of digitizing, converting logo into a digitized logo file is not an easy job. It is highly technical and should and always starts with the source image, which is resized to the exact dimensions we want the finalized embroidery in and the digitizer then turns it into an embroidery machine design file dependent on the fabric and the article of garment it will eventually be embroidered on. The process of converting a logo into a digitized design is explained here.

Digitizing logo as said, has been extremely popular and even though screen printing providing a cheaper alternative, people are still opting for machine embroidery as it is considered more professional and artistic than just a printed logo. Furthermore, with embroidery, dimensions within the logo become more visible and if done in 3D using the puff, it becomes even more impactful.

Digitizing Logo is seemingly simple but is technical and to receive the highest quality vectorization and digitizing services, contact DigitEMB and let us take care of all such needs in the most professional manner.

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