Digitizing Embroidery

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Digitizing Embroidery

Custom Digitizing Embroidery

Digitizing Embroidery ServicesDigitizing Embroidery is created by the process of digitizing. Now the question arises that what is embroidery digitizing? The answer is that it is a process that involves the conversion of the art work in a format of stitched file which can easily be interpreted by an embroidery machine and can be transformed into a wide range of the type of stitching.

How to digitize embroidery is the next question. Digitizing for embroidery is not a single step procedure. It involves number of steps that are discussed one by one as follows:

The artwork for digitizing embroidery is prepared initially. Embroidery digitizing is the job of digitizer. The proper examination of the artwork is done by the digitizer to see the compatibility of the artwork with digitizing and to confirm that whether it can be digitized or not. Most of the patterns are simplified for the purpose of digitizing them. It involves re-sizing of the image as well as re-drawing of the margins and outlines of the designs.

After the modification of the art work which is going to be applied on the embroidered clothing into a graphic program, it is opened in the program for digitize embroidery. For this purpose, pathing is done by digitizer. Pathing represent the path of the stitches from the starting point till the ending. It is used to judge the positioning of an embroidered pattern on the fabric. It also gives you estimation about the time of the staying of designs on the digitize embroidery machines. Embroidery digitizing softwares are also available. The more the design is smooth, the less will be the cost of it.

After it, the type of the stitches for embroidery is assigned. It is assigned by the same person i.e. digitizer. The decision is made on the basis of the stitches that will best represent the pattern of the art works. Underlay stitches are added up by the digitizer. Though the fully finished patterns does not show any of the underlay stitches, but if these underlay stitches are not in the correct position then they may produce a low quality pattern for the embroidered clothing. The stabilization of the cloth with the backing is supported by the underlay stitching.

Push & pull is considered as a very important factor of the embroidery. The movement of design is possible during its stitching process. It will result in the shifting of many of the stitches that will ultimately result in the stitching of a poor design. It is more commonly seen in case of heavy & bulky fabric, extended stitch, bulky area of threads as well as a stretched reel strand. Digitizer checks all the aspects of push and pull and tries to make all the necessary adjustments for its rectification.

Finally the embroidery pattern in sewed out by using embroidery machines that are available in a wide range. Polo embroidery which is done on the polo shirt can be taken as a sample for the digitizing embroidery.