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Digitized DesignPutting a simple data into a digital format with the help of computers is generally known as digitization and the image or data which gets converted with the help of this procedure is said to be digitized image or digitize data. Anything can be digitized with the help of this process like any image, data, any kind of text, even signals, all kinds of sounds just to name a few. Today in the age of computerization, everything is being digitized from the planning of cooking to deciding to where to go on holidays, to the selection of an outfit which you might like to wear on friend’s party. So how can embroidery be left behind?There are many different types of Digitizing being done nowadays. Some of them are:

Manual Digitizing: This is generally done by the use of nowadays available digitizing tablets. The user traces all the lines of design very patiently from the hard copy of the design and creates a same digital design on the computer. For this, it takes lots of time and the accuracy and the perfection the digital design should have isn’t there.

Heads up Digitizing: This type of digitizing is quite similar to the first one i.e. manual digitizing. The similarity is in the way that all the lines of design need to be drawn manually by hand but straightaway onto the computer screen. Due to this reason, the accuracy level is high and time consumed in this type is also less as compared to the manual digitizing.

Interactive Tracing Method: This type of digitizing can be called as an up gradation of Heads up digitizing. In this, the accuracy level increases manifolds as compared to the Heads up digitizing. Even this is a fast way to get an embroidery design digitized with perfect finesse.

Automatic Digitizing: This is the highly recommended type of digitizing for the embroidery designs if anyone wants 100% accuracy, perfection, and finesse. It is a fully automated digitizing, nothing to be done manually not even half a line. It is completely automated raster to a vectoring using high graphic image processing processors and high definition design or pattern recognition procedures. In this technique, only the computer needs to trace all the design lines, which finally results in extremely fast work and accuracy level is notable. The improved quality of graphics is superb, which we can never get from manual or heads up or even not from interactive tracing digitizing techniques. No matter whether one is a graphic or a web designer or not by qualifications, but if they have the basic knowledge or expertise they can easily handle digital designing of their company and at the same time of their products. The available data verifies that at present the net users are too fast and good at net surfing. They are too quick in clicking links. In this age of Science, everything is being digitized. Matching up with the time so is the case with designs, they are also becoming digitized designs. So many companies nowadays are offering digitized services. Digit-Emb is one such company offering a variety of services in this field.

It kind of embroidery basically means when the simple embroidery designs are digitized, they get converted from simple images to computer graphics, obviously with the help of computers in no time. Many institutions have come up with many kinds of courses offering the knowledge needed to get the designs digitized. Digitizing an embroidery design is quite easy and simple, anyone with the basic knowledge and a little expert help can start with the simple basic designs first. So many books have also been written and published by the established digitizers and the people with digitizing knowledge to help the new entrants.

The device which is generally used in the artwork of digitization is known as Digitizer. It is extremely significant in the development of embroidery, by increasing the value and importance of embroidery more and more in the present scenario. There are much different digitizing software’s available in different budget ranges which have a specific and varied process of operation. To digitize an embroidery design few basic things are needed, like a working computer, graphic card reader, embroidery digitizing software, embroidery machine and last but not the least a qualified, confident person with an artistic bent of mind to handle all this and give good appreciative results.

As everything is being digitized, same is the case with the embroidery industry. So like many other digitized embroidery companies, DigitEmb too has employed a large number of highly qualified and efficient professionals to get its embroidery designs digitized and also provide at par various excellent digitized services.

Few of them being:

Cap Digitizing

Left Chest Digitizing

Puff Digitizing

Jacket Back Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing