Digitized Embroidery

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Digitized Embroidery

Digitized Embroidery

digitized embroidery

Digitized embroidery means that the simple artwork of embroidery is digitized. It means that the sample images are converted into the digital pattern by the help of technology of latest softwares that are being employed for the digitizing of embroidery. It will not be good in embroidery practice to start up with a difficulty. It is considered to be a better option to pick up a simple and easy embroidery design to learn and practice different tools that are present in an embroidery digitizing software.

Digitized embroidery can be learned by the tutorials that are offered without any cost by the vendors when you go to the market and purchase any software for the digitizing of embroidery. Along with that, the manual or a guide book is also given to the user which can further guide the user in the operation of digitized embroidery software.

Digitized embroidery can be done by having certain things in your hand that is considered as essential in the creation of digitized embroidery. Without this stuff, digitized embroidery seems to be impossible. These things include the design of embroidery art work, a scanner and a software program for the digitizing of embroidery for your project. Here an example is given for your ease to explain you the basic concept of digitized embroidery.

  • You can do digitizing of your embroidery pattern. For this, you should be expert enough to differentiate between the thread of embroidery and the thread of reel or bobbin.
  • Select an embroidery design and move your fingers beside the reeling thread of the embroidery. The type of stitch is selected from the list for e.g. you may select the fills to stitch for the internal portion or the filling of your embroidery design and you may select a long running type of stitch for the combination. It is done to make sure that the digitized embroidery design will have tonnes of color in proper dimension after being embroidered.
  • You may use the zoom feature and do the necessary filling of the design by means of stitches that you selected. If the display of your computer looks untied then you don’t need to worry because it is the effect which is produced because of many stitches in the digitized embroidery design.
  • Then a contrasting shade of the color of thread is selected and applied in the design. In this step, you have to be careful in the selection of the color. You should select only those colors which your machine of embroidery can easily reproduce on the fabric or other material after embroidery.
  • True preview of the embroidery digitizing software is clicked to discard the stitches. The stitches utilized in the digitized embroidery design can easily be counted by the help of embroidery digitizing software. An impenetrable pattern of digitized embroidery will be produced because of the elevated stitch count.
  • The tonnes of different colors appear in such a way that they give an accurate and precise preview of the embroidery design or pattern after complete process of digitization.