Vectorize Service

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Vectorize Service

Get vectorize service for your blurry logos only $10

Have you ever thought that how to vectorize a photo? Well, many vector programs are used to convert a photo into a vector format means making a drawing of that photo. Well there are two process to covert a photo into a vector format, one is done by using a software (vector tracing) another is done manually. Anyhow High resolution (high quality) image is converted using an automated vector conversion program. Before vectorization, our artist makes sure that what vector file will be used, so that it can be created appropriately. DigitEMB is dedicated to provide you the best possible service; we use our talent to serve our clients for their good. As the vector graphics is the best format to use in logos, images as, they have clear and neat lines and contour. Basically they are derived from using mathematical equations they can be changed into any size without losing fidelity, while most of the vector images are produced from scratch; we use image editing programs to vectorize Jpg.  Although, we put our clients’ needs and their success first with providing them exceptional service with lower cost.

Our Sample Works

A minor showcase of our vector artist exemplary work!


Zeta phi betaZeta phi beta Vector

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