Vector Format

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Vector Format

Do you want to convert your logos into Vector Format?

Our expert vector artists can convert your low resolution, poor quality bitmap images into a high quality Vector Format with our affordable vectorization service. Usually, vector graphics formats are made up of paths, rather than pixels. Most of the image vector format includes colors, gradients, and image effects. Although, vector graphics stores image data as paths. Common vector image file extensions include.EPS, AI, and.SVG, few other image file categories include Raster Graphic and 3D Image files. DigitEMB is the righteous place to get your transformation done in the quickest way; we utilize all the right tools that give us the ability to design your vision.

Our Sample Works

A minor showcase of our vector artist exemplary work!


Dump Truck Vector Design
Line art Sleeping Girl Vector Design
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Vector Designs

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