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Vector File

Searching a company who can convert my designs into Vector File?

DigitEMB provides their customers to high quality Vector File Formats. We use professional grade tools and creative features in affordable price, our designers completely understand the difference between graphic formats and how each of it is implemented into visual design. The conversion of an image into lines and shapes so that the machine is able to understand. We call this type of file a Vector File. A great advantage of turning our file into vector is that we can resize the image as big as the customers want, without losing resolution and the image will not get blurred. Although we can also recreate your existing logo in Vector File Format. Our each designer have great experience in their field of expertise they utilize the new technologies in the most beneficial way to meet our customers’ demands in the most proper way.

Our Sample Works

A minor showcase of our vector artist exemplary work!


Red Bearded HulkRed Bearded Hulk Tattoo Vector Design
The Great Wave off Kanagawa Vector Design
Big Rig Tow Truck Vector Design
Team lloyd Irvin Vector Design

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