DigitEMB Referral Program

DigitEMB Referral Program

You Can Become A Part Of DigitEMB Referral Program

We believe in the policy of improving each other and assisting each other within the business world, for us all to achieve our goals or at least aid in each other processes somehow. We try to keep our costs minimum and our quality of the highest degree to make sure our embroiderer customers do not have to suffer in any way.

With the notion of camaraderie in mind, we would like to explain to you our referral program. It is simple, nothing too complicated.




Just Register at DigitEMB refer our services to your friend and if they come to us and avail our services, you will get $18 store credit which you can further use to request any service(s) for that amount from us. Unlike most onetime referrals, with every referral of your, additional $18 will be credited to your store credit.

However there are a few things to be noted here,

  1. You have to inform us about the referral.
  2. Your referred friend has to use our services and pay for them. Only then your store account will be credited with the amount of $18.
  3. The amount of $18 will be store account credit and will not be paid physically or transferred to your bank account.