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Bitmap to Vector

Are you looking someone who can convert your Bitmap to Vector?

If you want to use your image as vector graphic, it firsts needs be to converted into a resolution on which vector graphic is independent. This process is referred as Bitmap to Vector, with several other names. As we know, Bitmap (BMP) images are one of the most commonly used image formats in the screen printing and embroidery business. The main issue with bitmap images is that they are not as clean to be possessed for screen printing and embroidery to overcome this problem there is a process that is “Covert Bitmap to Vector” The process to which these bitmap images get converted into a proper format fit for production is called vectorizing. DigitEMB offers you the best prices, priority customer service than any other company. Our designers are highly skilled; all work is done based on your specifications. We make sure to provide you smooth, flawless lines throughout a digital image.

Our Sample Works

A minor showcase of our vector artist exemplary work!


Abraham Lincoln Vampire HunterAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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