Custom Digitizing

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Custom Digitizing

Custom Digitizing

Embroidery Custom DigitizingDigitizing of the embroidery is the process that is done with the help of computerized technology. In many fields of life we are quite used to using computers for making our life easier and faster and so now it is also being used in the field of embroidery. The first thing that is required for the purpose of the embroidery is the design and that must be good enough to be placed on the fabric and for that good design, a good idea is required. In this scenario, there is the phenomenon called as custom digitizing. In this process, the design of the logo or the design that is to be placed on the cloth is designed by the customer themselves and then the relevant person and the team convert them to the format that can be used further for producing the desired quality of the embroidery.

Now companies are using many types of software that can handle different kinds of formats from the users like jpeg and then convert them into the machine readable format and then produce the design. The best part of the custom digitizing is the involvement of the customer and the person can easily present their ideas and hence they can create what they really want with the help of professionals. Many companies receive the design from the customers and then analyze them and if necessary them edit them and send them back to the customer for finalization. This work is done in a quite fast way that customer receives their design within four hours of sending the design. No charges are taken for editing of the design, in fact, customers also get the discount on sending their first order. This discount offered by some companies can be up to seventy percent and that is a huge amount of the discount.

It is quite the fact for the customers that there are various people who did not feel satisfied with the decision taken by others for them. They feel satisfied when they have got some kind of input or decision on dependent on them. Through custom digitizing such intuition of the people is fulfilling and hence making people satisfied and providing them with what they want. In this designing whole idea is not changed but only amendments are made that can be suitable for bringing the person’s idea into reality. So, if you have got some kind of idea then grab a pen and pencil and start making your idea and then capture it in the computerized form.

The option of embroidery is now available in almost all sewing machines. If you love stitching you can enjoy custom digitizing by adding customized embroidery designs on your dresses very easily. All you will need is digitized embroidery software and you will be well on your way to making your own customized embroidery designs. Using digitized embroidery software is not that difficult. By taking a few lessons or reading a few tutorials on the internet, you can easily practice using these applications to design the embroidery you want on your dress, and within no time you will be proudly wearing your customized dresses to the next party in your social circle. Everyone will be marveling over how wonderful your dress looks with the delicate touch of embroidery to it. You never know, you might even start receiving requests and orders.

Custom digitizing is a fun skill to learn and very satisfying when you see your results on your own clothes. If you have a natural flair for art and designing, this will be very easy for you. You can experiment with your own creativity or load existing designs and images onto your software application and convert them into digitized files in no time. Once you have your digitized files you can easily transfer them onto the memory of your embroidery machine and enjoy your very own custom digitizing embroidery being made.

To begin with this process you need to first decide on whether you would like to own a simple home embroidery machine or an expensive and more sophisticated commercial embroidery machine. The more affordable option will be to have a home embroidery machine to simply enjoy custom digitizing as a hobby, but if you really are looking to turn this into a business of your own in the long run, purchasing a commercial machine would be a real investment. Other than that, the commercial embroidery machines and software applications will require more practice as they are a bit more complicated to use. If you would like, you can even attend classes and training sessions on how to use your new embroidery machine and software application.

When it comes to purchasing custom digitizing software you really need to first analyze what you expect to achieve. Different softwares have different capabilities. Some allow you to add in scanned images into the application and then modify them by designing tools and finally digitizing the results for your embroidery machine to receive. The touch-up work along with color reduction that most images normally require is the simple part of the process of digitizing images. The real work comes when you create your own designs from scratch. But then they are really worth your hard work too because they are your own creation that you can later sell to other clients.

After carefully analyzing your needs and your budget, choose the software application that would be perfect for your requirements. Within no time you will become a professional at this task and will be enjoying it immensely.