Chenille Embroidery

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Chenille Embroidery

Chenille Embroidery

chenille-embroideryThere are different kind and categories of embroideries which people are doing. The business of embroidery is running well and the people involved in this are satisfied with their earnings. The embroidery is done to provide an attractive look to your clothes which you want to wear. Now only clothes but also bed sheets are also embroidered so that people can also give a nice look to their bed rooms. The bed sheet with chenille embroidery is expensive but those who like to have such bed sheets in their room are purchasing it.

The chenille word comes from French origin which means caterpillar because this embroidery is done in such a way that it provides a look of smooth silk. The customers are demanding for more such bed sheets so that they can purchase it. You can also provide it as a gift to your loved ones on any event. Mostly people are using this bed sheets on their bed in the special events or when they are inviting someone at their house or celebrating a special occasion. The bed sheets making companies are placing more orders of embroideries to the company.

The chenille embroidery is mostly done on bed sheets and it is good it gives your bed sheet a better look and those who will see it will appreciate your choice. It will also bring a change in the look of your room. You can see that when you will visit the shops which are selling bed sheets you will find many bed sheets on which embroidery work is done. The embroidery work is profitable but the workers who are making embroidery are very hardworking because it is not an easy task. You need to be perfect and professional so that you may not do anything wrong or else the cloth will get useless if you will do wrong.

Chenille Embroidery changes the look of your clothes and adds beauty to it. The people attached to this business is making huge profits if they are getting well and permanent customers. You can also take help from the internet that which embroidery will best suit your clothes and which one will bests suits your bed sheets. The Internet is helping many people in different aspects and you can seek help in any matter through the internet all the information, ideas and solution are available for you on the internet you just need to know the correct way to avail it.

There are many kinds of embroidery that can be found on various products today. Clothing items such as jackets, sweatshirts, and hats are very commonly seen to have embroidery on them. Jackets are very commonly worn by athletes and these generally tend to have the company logo or mascot embroidered on them. One interesting kind of embroidery is known as chenille embroidery. This kind of embroidery is very unique and is not similar to the traditional type of embroidery at all. This particular kind of embroidery makes use of a special type of machine which provides yarn to the machine from the bottom in a way that it creates a textured surface, similar to a carpet.

Another reason as to why chenille embroidery is different to the traditional embroidery which is found is that most of the embroidery does not take place on the garment directly. Instead, the designs are put onto a background fabric is known as scrim felt. This is then cut up and then sewn on to the garment for which it was intended. This step is quite similar to that of a patch. The scrim felt is placed on a big frame so that a variety of designs can be sewed on at once. This helps in making the most of the manufacturing process while at the same time the scrim felt is minimized in terms of usage.

Once the sewing of the designs is done, the manufacturer takes away the scrim felt and then begins the most important part of the chenille embroidery procedure. The excess scrim felt is removed by trimming around the outer edge of the design. A small amount of fabric is however left so that it can easily be sewed on to the garment. The final step then consists of placing the embroidery on to the garment. This step can either be done by using a regular sewing machine or it can also be done by hand simply.

Another reason as to why conventional embroidery and chenille embroidery is different is because the lettering and stock designs are not available for the latter kind of embroidery. Due to this reason, a chenille embroiderer needs to learn how to do this kind of embroidery digitally.

Traditional embroidery is very well known in comparison to chenille embroidery which is only used in a very small part of the industry, mainly in sportswear. The two kinds of embroidery processes are certainly different ranging from the yarn that is used and the needles as well. There are only a limited number of people who supply this kind of embroidery and there are not many resources available for it either. However, despite these reasons, it is definitely something which should be further pursued. It has a lot of potential for growth simply because it is not predominant at the moment. This increase in demand is also seen due to the number of people wanting more and more sportswear and therefore it is definitely a venture which can be very profitable.