Rhode Island

Rhode Island is nicknamed as “The Ocean State” to promote tourism. A circle made of 13 stars is placed on a pure white field of the flag to represent the first 13th states. On the blue ribbon, there’s the state motto which is “Hope” beneath the anchor.

JPG To Vector In Rhode Island

Convert JPG To Vector In Rhode Island Vector conversion by DigitEMB in Rhode Island is used by many of the graphic designers just to provide extra magnification to the image. It also has a lot of advantages. The first thing to remember is the properties of a vector. A vector image is scalable; therefore it…
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Machine Embroidery In Rhode Island

Digitized Machine Embroidery In Rhode Island DigitEMB is now providing highest-quality designs for machine embroidery in Rhode Island. We have a team of highly skilled and creative digitizers, designers, machine operators, embroider, they are dedicated to their work. They have been providing excellent quality services for embroidery digitizing and vector art for many years. In all…
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