Case Study On Making Custom Embroidery Pattern Easier & Perfect

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Case Study On Making Custom Embroidery Pattern Easier & Perfect

Making Custom Embroidery Pattern Easier & Perfect

Making Custom Embroidery Pattern Easier & Perfect

Whenever you think to create a digitized custom embroidery pattern, you want it to be exactly the same that client wants from you. We present you the simple and easy steps guide to make the perfect custom embroidery patterns & designs.

Step # 1- From the Scratch:

To create any custom embroidery task, you always need an image guide. Let take a sample for custom embroidery design. For e.g. we took a free-hand machine embroidered pet portrait.

Custom Cat Embroidery Pattern

Step # 2- Collect All Essential Facts & Figures:

Whenever you are at the starting point of creating custom embroidery designs either by hand, free machining or digitally for the client requests, collect all the necessary information from the buyers about the things in which they are interested. Some examples are discussed below:

  • Whenever you are creating a specific personal portrait as custom embroidery pattern, the Image Reference can serve you as an important resource. To get outlook form different views and angles, request multiple images from the client for creating embroidery pattern. If you are also targeting to materialize the vision of anyone else, then Key Words can also serve you great.
  • Guide your customer appropriately with all the options available to you. Give the Details of All Fabric Variety you have in stock or store. Also guide the client about Purpose of Different Fabrics. You can be playful about the fabric choices, if you are supposed to create a decorative custom embroidery pattern. Similarly, if a practical-purpose design is needed (for e.g. cushion cover), a robust and hard wearing fabric would be better to offer to the client.
  • Sizing of Custom Embroidery Pattern Work is another important factor. Sizing not only determines the dimension and details of the pattern, but it also greatly affects the price of custom embroidered work.
  • The Purpose of Custom Embroidery Pattern should also be found out. Make it as much personal to the client as possible. For this purpose, you can add date, name, specific color etc to the pattern.

Step # 3- Start Creation Of Custom Embroidery Digitized Pattern:


After gathering all needed information along with reference image, start to Create Your Own Custom Embroidery Pattern or Design:

  • Stay In Contact with the client at different stages of the task.
  • A Preliminary Copy or Sketch of the Digitized Embroidery Pattern should also be sent to the client to ensure what he wants is exactly similar to the sketch. This stage can give you space to make alterations, if any, to the format of the embroidery design. You can also make suggestions to the client for the betterment, as it will also save time and money for you in future. For e.g. the preliminary image of the reference image we used is given here.

Step # 4- Begin Stitch Custom Embroidery Design:


Once the embroidery design is finalized and the type of fabric is chosen, start the stitching process to Complete Custom Embroidery Pattern Procedure:

  • Keep The Client Updated. Also send the photo of the final piece to the recipient to ensure the custom embroidery pattern similarity. It will also help you to keep record soft-copy of your work. The example of detailed final piece is here.
  • To make your customer happy and satisfied, packaging is necessary. Also press the Finished Embroidery Fabric and Package is with care and beauty. You can also place a thank you note for more customer contentment.
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