Bubbly and Lively Smurfette Free Embroidery Design

Lively Smurfette Free Embroidery Design


Bubbly and Lively Smurfette Free Embroidery Design

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Machine: Tajima

Size: H: 7.00 inches W: 3.71 inches

Stitches: 31866

Colors: 5 | Super White 1001 | Sky 1094 | Golden 1064 | Emerald Black 1000 | Pink 1309

Formats Available: DSB, CND, DST, DSZ, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PEC, PES, TAP, XXX


Smurfette is one of the cutest animated and comic book characters, warming hearts of people worldwide for more than 30 years. Her charm and exuberance is what connects the viewers with her and is exactly what this design reflects. It’s quirky and playful, without being too in your face.  Most of the time Smurfette is portrayed as an object of admiration of many other Smurfs, since she is the only female Smurf constantly in the village. She is usually hopeless in times of danger and sometimes thinks she knows it all, yet has a caring side as well. The adventure of Smurfette first started in Spirou magazine in 1966. She was made by Gargamel the evil wizard as a means to create unrest in the Smurf village. When this was discovered, Papa Smurf succeeded in turning her into a real Smurf, altering her appearance at the same time. She still was a source of problems between the Smurfs, though, and at the end of this story, she left the Smurf village, thus restoring the status quo of the community. Matching exactly with the character design of the actual Lively Smurfette Free Embroidery Design, this design is too good to be not downloaded and embroidered on your kid’s next embroidered garment for free of cost.

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