Reverse applique embroidery is a technique that is very similar to applique embroidery. However, it is different in the placement of the fabric. In applique embroidery, the fabric is placed on top of the fabric, while in reverse applique machine embroidery, the fabric is placed behind the fabric.

In this blog, you will learn how to make reverse applique machine embroidery designs.

Table of Contents:

What is Reverse Applique Machine Embroidery?

Reverse applique is an excellent yet simple embroidery method that can be done using multiple types of stitches like run and satin stitch.

Reverse applique machine embroidery designs are a modern twist on the traditional applique embroidery technique. Instead of adding layers, these designs create different shapes by cutting away the top fabric to reveal a different fabric underneath. Reverse applique machine embroidery stitches the two fabrics, making shapes or designs appear through cut windows in your base fabric. 

Reverse appliqué machine embroidery is commonly used in textile and garment applications such as quilting, clothing decorations, and home décor items. The combination of machine embroidery and reverse appliqué can embroider unique fabric designs.

Majority of people choose reverse applique machine embroidery to fix cutting errors. For example to fix a big cut or stain on your favorite shirt.

Steps for Reverse Applique Machine Embroidery

Learn how to take your embroidery to the next level with reverse applique machine embroidery. First, hoop the piece of fabric with your main fabric, then cut the top of the main fabric after embroidery. Our step-by-step instructions will show you how!

Important Needs & Notes:

  • Embroidery Machine
  • Embroidery Threads
  • Scissors (Clipper or craft knife)
  • Fabrics for Applique and Base (Contrasting colors)
  • Embroidery Stabilizer (Only if design consists other than run stitches)
  • Digitized Reverse Applique Machine Embroidery Design

Place the fabrics in the hoop
Start embroidering the reverse applique design
Trim the applique fabric from back
Trim the base fabric from front


Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post, and through these instructions, you will be able to create amazing reverse applique machine embroidery designs. Also, the process for this kind of reverse appliqué machine embroidery is simple and easy to do.

Reverse applique machine embroidery is fun and easy to do.

In conclusion, creating reverse applique machine embroidery designs requires some planning and patience, but the results are worth it. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can create unique and beautiful designs that will make your projects stand out. Remember to choose suitable fabrics, prepare your designs, and take time with the stitching process. With a little practice, you'll become proficient at creating reverse applique designs that impress and amaze you. So why not give it a try and see what you can create?