Missing stitches in machine embroidery causes by many factors.

However in this article, we will show you the causes and solution of missing stitches in machine embroidery.

There are several possible causes of missing stitches on an embroidery machine.Here are some of the most common culprits:

Missing Stitches due to Threading Issues

Incorrect Threading: Double-check that the thread is properly threaded through all the guides and tension discs according to your machine’s manual.

A missed thread guide or incorrect tension can cause the machine to miss stitches.

Wrong Thread Type or Size: Using thread that is too thick or thin for the needle size or fabric can cause problems with tension and stitch formation.

Make sure you’re using the recommended thread type and size for your project.

Low Thread Tension: If the thread tension is too loose, the needle might not be able to pick up the bobbin thread consistently, leading to skipped stitches.

Missing Stitches due to Needle Problems

Bent or Blunt Needle: A bent or blunt needle can struggle to pierce the fabric properly and create a clean stitch. Regularly inspect your needle and replace it when dull or damaged.

Incorrect Needle Size or Type: Using the wrong needle size or type for your fabric can cause skipped stitches.

Choose a needle size appropriate for the fabric weight and material. For example, a thicker needle is needed for denim than for silk.

Other Mechanical Issues that Causes Missing Stitches

Dirty Bobbin Case: Dust and lint build-up in the bobbin case can interfere with the smooth movement of the thread, causing skipped stitches.

Regularly clean your bobbin case according to your machine’s instructions.

Tension Issues: Improper tension between the upper and lower threads can lead to missing stitches. Some machines have separate upper and bobbin thread tension adjustments.

Consult your manual for proper settings based on your thread and fabric.

Machine Issues: In rare cases, there might be mechanical problems with the machine itself causing missing stitches.

If you’ve checked all the other possibilities and the problem persists, consult your machine’s manual or reach out to a qualified technician for further assistance.

How to Fix Missing Stitches Problems in Machine Embroidery

Here are some quick fixes for missing stitches in machine embroidery:

Rethread: Double-check your threading, ensure it follows the machine’s guide.

Check Tension: Make sure both upper and bobbin thread have proper tension (not too loose).

Needle Check: Inspect your needle, replace if bent, blunt, or wrong size/type for fabric.

Clean Bobbin Case: Remove dust/lint build-up that might disrupt thread flow.

Test & Adjust: Embroider a test pattern on scrap fabric to adjust tension or needle depth if needed.

Rethread the machine: Even if you think it’s threaded correctly, sometimes rethreading can resolve minor threading issues.

Adjust the needle depth: The needle depth might need slight adjustments based on the fabric thickness.

Use high-quality thread: Invest in good quality embroidery thread that is less likely to fray or break, reducing skipped stitches.

Test on scrap fabric: Before starting your actual project, embroider a small test design on a scrap fabric with the same material to adjust tension and settings if needed


By systematically checking these potential causes, such as threading issues, needle Problems, and other Mechanical Issues, you should be able to identify the reason behind your embroidery machine missing stitches, which will help you get back to creating beautiful embroidery projects!