Embroidery is a simple job, you might be an expert at classic and traditional hand embroidery, but it takes a lot of effort and tendency to achieve the final result. In this case, embroidery machine helps you get the best and most intricate embroidery designs.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of Machine Embroidery over Hand Embroidery.

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What is Hand Embroidery?

Like most handcraft art, hand embroidery also offers tremendous adaptability and customization. Centuries ago, hand embroidery was more straightforward and limited to threads, but today, it includes other components like pearls, sequins, beads, and quills. 

There were no machines at the time of the advent of embroidery in China and Sweden, and all the historic embroidery work used to be done by hand for various purposes like folk art, decorating fabrics and clothes, etc.

What is Machine Embroidery?

Every aspect of contemporary progress, including embroidery, has been impacted by technology. As a result, the days of merely having access to hand needlework are long gone. 

Machine embroidery uses embroidery digitized designs to embroider the fabric. Embroidery digitizing transforms these designs into a language the machines can understand.

To gain insight, take a moment to understand what is embroidery digitizing for machine embroidery?

Advantages of Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery provides precision, speed, and the ability to embroider intricate designs. Machine embroidery offers a range of advantages that make it a suitable choice for certain projects. We will outline those advantages here.

Top Most Benefits of Machine Embroidery Digitizing over Hand Embroidery:

Look at the points below!

Uniform Design:

Let’s talk about the issue that is being ignored. When you choose a bulk purchase, hand embroidery artists are unable to achieve pattern uniformity. A handcrafted item has extremely little likelihood of meeting bulk order requirements exactly. However, someone who wants the same design on every piece of clothing can easily achieve consistency in the pattern using an embroidery machine. 

Error-Free Designs:

Continuing with the previous point, clothing with a handmade design is more likely to have flaws like a mismatched color or the tread falling off. No matter how talented the artist is, there will inevitably be small mistakes. There is no place for such errors when one strives for perfection. 

Embroidery digitizing software prepares the design for machine. The device reads the image using top-notch, professional software. They produce outputs that are free of errors by utilizing sophisticated algorithms. As a result, there will be no color mismatches or threads stealing from the designs.

Greater Productivity and Accuracy Rates:

When it comes to digital embroidery, the complexity of the design is not a barrier. The embroidery digitizer is always a specialist for knowledge about the various materials and which designs go well with them. In short, it allows more productivity and precision while retaining the best quality.

Timesaving Service:

People cannot work as swiftly as machines do without becoming psychologically and physically exhausted. For example, a single garment can take many hours to embroider by hand, but the process could go much faster with a machine. As a result, the Machine works speedier than Hand. 

Limitless Variety of Designs:

The intricate Hand Embroidery designs restrict the artist to a limited number of design possibilities. To create a perfect design, effort is required. As a result, the artist requests a proportionately larger amount of time. 

A wide variety of options are available for you to pick when having your designs embroidered using an Embroidery Digitizing service, including colors, designs, and any adjustments of your choice (if necessary).

Easy Usage:

Because the Embroidery Machine handles all the necessary tasks effectively, the embroiderer doesn’t need to participate as much in the embroidery process. Operating these machines does not call for any specialized knowledge or training. An Embroidery Machine is simple to run for embroiderers with little or no experience. However, these Embroidery Machines come with instruction manuals that can be used to learn more about them in case of any questions.

Even Affordable for a Single Order:

A common misconception in this industry is that the service is only offered for large orders. However, even if the order is for a large quantity or just one garment, it is still more economical than having a handcrafted design made.

Amazing Embroidery Features:

With the latest advancements in technology, more and more amazing features are being included in Embroidery Machines and software. As per your requirement, any complicated or basic design can be digitized and turned into sewing patterns.

Applicable for Changes:

Along with the above benefits, one more essential advantage is that your design is just a click away from your digitizer, and you can easily communicate with your digitizer for frequent additional changes in your design. 

You can ask to increase your designs’ size, type, color, and many other attributes, and the service provider will surely be open to those changes. You cannot avail of this benefit in hand embroidery as once your design is done, you cannot change it anyway. This is one of the biggest cons customers experience to keep in mind. 

No Obstructions:

If you choose Hand Embroidery, there may be times when you are unable to locate a designer with the level of expertise required for your design. Or suppose you have an artist, but because they are not capable of giving you your required art. 

On the contrary, you are released from this restriction if you go for the embroidery digitizing option. The embroidery digitizers use their abilities to comprehend the colors, patterns, and required information. The machine can embroider your design without restrictions because it contains professional software.

Easy To Examine the Design:

Spreading your cloth is simpler when using a Machine than Hand Embroidery. You will be able to examine how various machine components work during embroidering. You will be able to see the outcomes and the intended embroidered design much more clearly as a result.

More Delicacy:

Because machines are so precise, Digitized Embroidery can provide you with even more delicate and intricate embroidery designs as per your requirements, and this fact is lacking in Hand Embroidery as a handcraft artist is always bound with some limits. 

Less Labor Force Required:

Embroidery machines are designed to manage several orders at once, and that too with quality and accuracy within the given time, regardless of the design or fabric. Embroidery Digitizing produces more professional-looking artwork and requires less amount of labor force and less effort to achieve the task as compared to Hand Embroidery. 

No Efforts:

A Machine process doesn’t require much participation from an embroiderer compared to the Hand Embroidery process. So once you have decided on the artwork that you want to get digitized and embroidered on your clothes, take it easy now the machine will take care of the rest.


All the above reasons showcased the benefits of Machine Embroidery and cleared why it is in demand. 

To achieve the highest level of quality, embroidery requires a great deal of talent and commitment, and it enables you to achieve product excellence as well as many people don’t want to spend a large amount of money to get their clothes embroidered in that case. 

It is the more accessible, cost-effective, and productive option for you to have embroidery done on your piece of cloth rather than sticking to the Hand Embroidery. 

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