BERNINA Embroidery

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BERNINA Embroidery

Innovation BERNINA Embroidery

BERNINA EmbroideryBERNINA is one of the most well-known names in the embroidery market, be it home based embroidery machines or the commercial machine embroidery segment. Owned by a Swiss family, BERNINA prides in its history of being within the industry for more than 120 years and being able to keep on innovating to this day, enabling the users to develop the best, creative and intricate designs as easily as possible. Their main focus has always been the ease and comfort of the embroiderer throughout the process, more so because they were driving the home embroidery machines market and have always marketed themselves as being a BERNINA embroidery loving women’s best friend.

BERNINA Embroidery Software

BERNINA joined the commercial sector late however one thing, in demand the most, has been their BERNINA Embroidery Software which has enabled the digitizers to craft the designs in the most effective, reliable and meticulous manner. It is one of the most advance software available and keeps on adding new features with every new edition, while making the process easier to handle, every time. Digitizing started as extremely manual itself but one of the pioneers to try and make it automated as well has been BERNINA and with their newest available model, ‘BERNINA Embroidery Software 7’, BERNINA has almost made it all automated with the ‘Automatic Digitizing’ tool which can turn any artwork of many different graphic formats into a BERNINA embroidery design with just one click.

Adding to their achievements, BERNINA has segmented the process of 3D and added further more options, enabling the users to get embroidered designs of different 3D textures and types, not just the simple ones seen on caps usually. By any measure, BERNINA is one of the smartest embroidery software, with options of choosing thread colors from different brands, tools easier to understand and implement, being able to preview design on different garments and one of the only embroidery design software with mac capability.

BERNINA Embroidery Machine

With masterfully capturing the digitizing software and home embroidery machine market in many countries, BERNINA introduced their BERNINA E-16 digital embroidery machine. It has 16 needles hence can work with 16 threads at the same time with automatic thread trim, saving the time taken for color change. BERNINA embroidery machine is extremely fast, up to 1,400 spm, has extra-large embroidery field, largest for the caps within the machine embroidery sector, with laser alignment capability, one of the few machines to be able to implement the fancy 3D work introduced in the newest BERNINA embroidery software, built in rotation options and patented smallest cylindrical arm in the industry enabling the embroidery to happen without the need for the seams to be opened or garment deconstructed in any way, a common practice with many machine embroidery machines.

So a BERNINA fan or not (yet), hopefully this article highlighted the importance of their innovative software and embroidery machine which is not only hard to ignore but more importantly helped the process of digitalization to evolve into a much smoother and easier process we now know it to be.

Having a BERNINA embroidery machine or software helps but is not an option for everyone so make DigitEMB your one and only choice for all your digitizing and digital embroidery needs, where possibilities are seemingly endless.

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