Batman Free Embroidery Design

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Batman Free Embroidery Design

Dark and Brooding Batman Free Embroidery Design

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SKU: E-10029

(Design: 1) Size & Stitches: H: 4.00 Inches W: 3.03 Inches | Stitches: 19501

(Design: 2) Size & Stitches: H: 7.00 Inches W: 5.08 Inches | Stitches: 26910

Colors: Dark Blue 1134 | Emerald Black 1000 | Fune/ Sand 1066 | Golden 1064 | Light Grey 1010 | Mlde Grey 1287 | Sky 1094| Super White 1001 (Brown 1191 included, for Design 2 only)



Batman is one of the most infamous superhero characters ever, known to almost everyone, even those with not fascinated by the superhero or comic book culture. He is dark and mysterious; his allure is magnetic and above all has charisma that keeps the audiences engaged in his story. For many, his story of being an orphan and working towards being a hero without having inborn powers was influential and relatable unlike other superhero characters. The grey sides within his personality also showcases how every hero does not fall into the same chauvinistic category. All these, somewhat, disparate elements within his character have been captured beautifully in this dark and brooding Batman Free Digitized Embroidery Design, classically blue cape, mask, boots and gloves, grey body suit, golden crest on its chest and of course the iconic black, on top, underwear. Even his body is sculpted/ digitized perfectly to represent the muscle definition within the actual character.

This design is available in 2 sizes, thus enabling the customers to embroider it on multiple garments and also provided in multiple formats to make it even more accessible for your particular machine requirements.

Now onto the best part, this digital embroidery design is our gift to you. Yes, you read it right, this alluring Batman Free Embroidery Design is available for you to download and use right away, free of cost.

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