5 Main Types of Embroidery Services We Are Offering

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5 Main Types of Embroidery Services We Are Offering

5 Main Types of Embroidery Services We Are Offering

Embroidery Services

DigitEMB is the master of the advanced world to create amazing and almost real-looking digitized embroidery designs, patterns, patches, logos and whatever you want us to digitize. We offer different Digitizing Embroidery Services far more than you can imagine. Embroidery is the most favorite artwork since beginning but it was not as popular as it is today. This is all because of digitizing in embroidery that brought advancement and mechanization to embroidery. We produce online embroidery designs. You can check our portfolio for guidance to have a look at some of our unique and top-notch machine embroidery designs patterns. In our online embroidery designs portfolio, you can also see our experience and edge to produce creative digitized embroidery patterns. We test every design in different formats to make it as unique as possible under the supervision of expert digitizers and embroiderers. We do embroidery digitizing for t-shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, towel, caps, hats, outerwear, innerwear, headwear, fleece, jackets, bags, sleeves, left-chest and everywhere imaginable!

1.      Puff Digitizing:

In every business, customers try their best to save every penny and cent they can. In this era when recession, inflation and other economic issues are taking over budget, DigitEMB provides you the unmatchable quality of Puff or 3D embroidery with same rates. We don’t charge anything extra for Puff embroidery services, even though the stitch count does increase in this. Unlike ordinary and average embroidery, Puff embroidery boldly stands out by creating a 3D look. To give puff embroidery a three-dimensional effect, we use foam underlining. If you are looking for a really pop-up design, try our Puff 3D Embroidery Digitizing Services.

2.      Gloves Digitizing:

Gloves digitizing services is a unique feature of DigitEMB. We digitize all types of embroidery logos on gloves. As far as the material of gloves is concerned, we are capable to provide Digitizing Services for Gloves made up of pique, jersey, fleece, polyester, leather, terry etc. stay in style with digitized embroidery on your winter gloves. You can also try a rocking logo on gloves for attending a rock concert. We do it all.

3.      Sleeves & Left-Chest Digitizing:

DigitEMB is a name that needs no introduction in Sleeves & Left-Chest Embroidery Digitizing Services. To make your apparel unique and customized, we have a broad range of custom embroidered logos and designs for your sleeves and left-chest embroidery that are pocket-friendly too.

4.      Towel Digitizing:

There was a time when towel were used to be simple rectangular piece. Now-a-days, modernism has evolved. To give your beach or bath towels a really fascinating look; try our Towel Embroidery & Digitizing Services that are affordable and all that you want.

5.      Cap Digitizing:

From club boosters to rally campaign, from sports to high-schools, from marketing to awareness programs, custom embroidery on caps is becoming famous. We offer professional custom embroidery digitized logos for caps. Despite of the complexity of cap digitizing, DigitEMB has the lowest rates for providing Cap Digitized Embroidery Services.

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