5 Important Considerations to Convert Your Custom Logo into Embroidery

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5 Important Considerations to Convert Your Custom Logo into Embroidery

Convert Your Custom Logo into Embroidery

Conversion of Your Custom Logo into Embroidery is a multi-step process and it is not that easy as it sounds to be. There are many challenges that arise during the process of converting your logo into embroidery which include the following:

  1. During the conversion of logo, there is a chance that some features of the embroidery design may loose if it is not stitched precisely.
  2. There is also chance of logo distortion as many enlarged images have a tendency to get pixelated.
  3. If the text is also incorporated into your digitized logo, then it is essential for the text to be readable and understandable in the final embroidered design on the apparel or fabric.

These problems can be addressed by embroidery digitizing. Digitization is a complete process in which your logos or designs are digitized into a ready format that is readable by embroidery machines. On to an automatic embroidery machine, the digital image of the logo is loaded which is then designed on the fabric or garment.

There is Five Important Factors of Logo Conversion into Digitized Embroidery that should be considered during the process of logo conversion into the embroidery logo:


1.      Fabric & Stitches Selection:

  • For Logo Embroidery, the selection of fabric as well as stitches is very important. If you select heavy stitches on a soft and light fabric, it can increase the cost of fabric.
  • To sew out embroidery logo on the fabric, 2nd important must consider thing is the density of the cloth of the embroidery. On a thick cloth, light stitches are not possible because the stitches will fail to produce the required effects on the fabric that is desired by the customer.

2.      Fine Lines & Small Areas Reduction:

  • In the embroidered designs, most of the small and little fine lines of a burst of one specific tone and shade will be lost.
  • Therefore, you must consider the well-balanced color combinations as this will tend to create the embroidered logo more distinct and prominent.
  • If colors are well balanced in your Digitized Embroidery Logo, it will surely attract the viewers to have a glance.

3.      Lettering/ Text In Logo:

  • For the words to be clear in the logo, any words in it are required to be large enough once the logo has been finally embroidered on the fabric.
  • Make sure that the text is written in large font so that it becomes clear enough for the digitizer for understanding and replication.
  • Pixelation of the image should also be avoided as it results in the distortion of design. For font size increment, you should any design tool for e.g. Photoshop etc.

4.      Logo Design:

  • To make the logo stand out by becoming more striking, our good and dedicated digitizer advices you about the various elements of your Embroidery Logo.
  • The type of fabric should also be considered for a particular logo design.
  • In case of embroidery on wool or corduroy fabric, an expert digitizer would recommend you to limit the use of gradient effect. This is because normal embroidery stitches convert into short stitches on these fabrics as these have a protrusion effect that causes the Embroidery Stitches to come undone.

5.      Embroidery Logo Professionals:

  • For logo design optimization, a professional embroidery digitizer is required so that logo details are not lost. Furthermore, he will also advise you on every single component of the whole process.


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