4 Rules for Commercial Embroidery Services for Caps

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4 Rules for Commercial Embroidery Services for Caps

4 Rules for Commercial Embroidery Services for Caps

4 Rules for Commercial Embroidery Services for Caps

Embroidery services for Caps are totally different as compare to embroidery services for shirts, jackets, accessories and other apparel. By following certain Golden Tips for Embroidery Services of Headwear, you can easily save your time and money on production and can also enhance the product quality for improved customer satisfaction.

The main Challenges in Embroidery Services for Caps should be tackled carefully. The placement of high-stitch designs for e.g. 15,000 stitches with tiny lettering on the front of cap is among such problems. Also, it is not an easy job to dedicate a single-head embroidery machine to work well for embroidery on caps as most of the embroidery machines can work well on flat surface as compare to the 3D curvature of a cap. These technical issues are helped out by DigitEMB so you can cross all limitations of commercial embroidery on caps for your clients. Our Basics about Embroidery Services for Caps can deal with every problem brilliantly:

1.      Basic Construction of Caps:

  • Now-a-days, most of the ball caps are six-panel caps with rare having a seam running down the middle of the front. Different cap construction methods can lead to different issues regarding cumbersome and thick seam due to change in stiffness and thickness of cap material. What design will work best for your cap is also determined by this feature.
  • Custom artwork with small fonts and outlining is not appropriate for cap embroidery. DigitEMB advices to add a filled background behind the text in such situation.
  • A solid construction is given to structure the caps by using buckram behind the front panels or coarse plastic backing of merged buckram that makes embroidery services on caps easier.
  • Careful hooping, backing material and proper digitizing are required in case of unstructured caps.
  • By using long enough backing that covers two-thirds of the cap, better stability during sewing can be achieved. For better results, use clips to clamp the cap during embroidery.
  • Before hooping, spray adhesive for e.g. silicone spray can be glued on the backing of cap as it reduces thread breaks due to adhesive contraction.

2.      Embroidery Details & Small Fonts:

  • On the basis of amount of details in cap embroidery, thick and heavy seams are used.
  • Needle breaks and skipped stitches can cause due to cap logo embroidery with multiple outlines, small details and tiny fonts and lettering. To avoid it, detail and tightness in the top layers is reduced.
  • Generally,75/11 sharps Titanium-coated needles are best for embroidery services on all types of caps.

3.      Hooping Tips for Cap Embroidery:

  • A maximum sewing area of between 2” and 2 ½” tall is available for most of the cap embroidery. To prevent risk of distortion, it is better to stay closer to outer limits.

4.      Stitch Selection:

  • To avoid cap flagging or folding problem, you can use underlay stitches.
  • To secure the cap to the backing, meanwhile preventing shifting, short stitches in a lattice pattern are helpful.

Start your profitable commercial cap embroidery services business with best-quality by keeping all this in mind. DigitEMB is proud to bring you satisfied customers by providing cap embroidery knowledge!


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